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"At this time, we do not need to stress cultural and religious differences, and mere tolerance is not sufficient anymore. What we need is to find the common points among different cultures and societies (my bet is that life and liberty are a good starting point) and, starting from them, build consensus and a brave new world (not an easy task, but easier if we know where we are and where we are going). "

"I believe that the first, and maybe the only thing necessary to start freeing ourselves is to become aware of our own chains. We need to understand the “matrix,” the “code,” and that means to understand what those chains are made of and how to remove them.

False beliefs, false values, corrupted laws, dark-age superstitions, unrealistic hopes, wrongful assumptions and misplaced traditions: these are the real villains. "

"Ignorance, the putrid feeding ground of fear, is, as many classic philosophers have argued since Socrates and Plato, the worst evil for man’s mind, the most debilitating ill for man’s body, and the saddest and most cruel pain for man’s heart. I say, “Let’s get rid of it all: fear, ignorance and despair, and smile at these powerless phantoms as they vanish completely in the sunlight, like undetectable mist in a hot summer morning.”

(from "The Value Matrix" a book by Guido George Lombardi)


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The Value Matrix Copyright © 2003 Dr. Guido Lombardi